Technical tour


We are happy to offer you an interesting technical tour on Thursday September 26. You can pick one of the option described below. All options will be a full day event.

NRG site

The Petten site is a one hour’s bus drive north of Amsterdam.

You will visit the Hot Cell Laboratory which provides modern isotope production facilities as well as modern research facilities. After intensive refurbishment of basically all primary and supporting installations the hotlab is ready for the future to deliver high quality and high quantity services to all users. We are happy to show what’s been done to achieve this.

Preparing and transferring the site’s legacy waste to the Intermediate Storage Facility down south of the Netherlands, unique equipment’s were designed & built by NRG. Amongst others you will visit the multi million euro Waste Transfer Unit that loads the reconditioned and characterized legacy waste in the transport casks.

FIELD-LAB is a partnership of NRG with academic hospital and industrial partners. In the brand new FIELD-LAB laboratory that you will visit, we support the development of nuclear medicines. This ranges from first research up to and including the production of GMP product for phase 2 clinical trials. The FIELD-LAB laboratory is a good example of a state-of-the-art facility.

The Pallas reactor is under construction on the Petten site. At the moment it is unclear what we can offer to visit, but we’ll offer the best view possible at the tour. The fact that the reactor is being built is an enormous boost to the whole Petten site.

COVRA site

The COVRA site is located in Vlissingen, a two hour’s bus drive south of Amsterdam.

COVRA is the Nation’s Intermediate Storage of radioactive waste. The waste will decay there for approximately 100 years, awaiting final disposal.

The site houses interesting facilities for compacting waste and incineration of waste, as well as the storage of large quantities of waste. The heat generating waste is stored in a unique building that uses natural convection for cooling the waste.

You also will be surprised by the artistic elements onsite.


URENCO is the world 2nd largest Uranium enrichment plant in the world and located in the east of the Netherlands, at a 1.5 hour’s bus drive east of Amsterdam.

URENCO is also a supplier of stable isotopes, that are used for optimized radioactive isotopes production.

Prior to the tour, there will be a company presentation with an opportunity to ask questions. After that we will enter the separation factory and walk a fixed route. During this tour you will take a look at the control room, automatic crane for transporting the cylinders, look at the enrichment installation through a window and you will enter the room where the cylinders are connected to the process. During the route through the factory, various animations are used to indicate how the process functions on site.

Take this tour if you want to see how it’s done!

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